Leapstart Summer Camps Cancellation Policy

Leapstart Summer Camps Refund and Cancellation Policy

This policy applies to all registrations for camps offered by Leapstart at all of its locations

1. Cancellation by Participants:
  • Before May 1st: For cancellations made before May 1st of the respective year, a full refund will be provided, less a $25 processing fee for each session/camp canceled.
  • Between May 1st and Seven (7) Business Days Prior to Camp Start: Cancellations during this period will receive a 100% credit for each session/camp purchased, minus a $25 processing fee for each session canceled. This credit can be used for any future camps or after-school programs at Leapstart within a 12-month period.
  • Within Seven (7) Business Days of Camp Start: No credits or refunds will be provided for cancellations made during this period, on the camp start day, or during the camp.
2. Exceptions for Medical Emergencies:
  • Participants may qualify for an exception in cases of medical emergencies. A valid doctor's note is required, stating the child's inability to attend due to sudden illness or injury. The note must reference the specific camp name. Inform our office before or on the 1st day of the camp to qualify for a 100% refund as credit, less a $25 processing fee.
  • In situations where no doctor's note is available but other evidence can be presented, our office staff may, at their sole discretion, offer a 50% credit towards next year's camps.
3. Third-Party Bookings:

For bookings made through third-party sites like Activity Hero, please approach the original seller for refunds as per their policies. If we are requested to process the refund, the maximum cash or credit refund will be capped at 70% of the camp's value, following the stipulations of this policy.

4. Cancellations by Leapstart:
  • Due to External Mandates: For cancellations stemming from state, county, or school health orders or mandates preventing our operation, a 100% credit will be provided, less a $25 processing fee. This credit is valid for future online or onsite camps or programs at Leapstart within a 12-month period.
  • Mid-Session Cancellations: If sessions are canceled in the middle of the week due to external mandates, participants will receive a prorated credit (based on the number of days canceled that week), which can be applied to future Leapstart offerings within a 12-month period, less a $25 processing fee.
  • Over Capacity: In situations where Leapstart cannot accommodate a participant due to overcapacity or other unforeseen reasons, the participant has the choice of a 100% refund to the original payment method or a 100% credit for future programs within a 12-month period.
General Points:
  • A "business day" is defined as Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • This policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Leapstart. Registered participants will be informed of any significant modifications.