Enrichment Program

At Leapstart, we offer various classes to children of all ages depending on their age group. All the activities are designed to help children find their own passion and interest by building up their confidence and exploring different things.

Below is a list of our Free and Rendered (paid) classes where you can enroll your children to make the most out of their time with us while waiting for you to come to pick them up.

Enrichment Classes run from September-May during after school hours.

Leapstart Classes

These classes are the free activities included as part of the monthly fee in our After School Program. Enrollment for these classes is based on slot availability. Please talk to the staff to indicate your preference during enrollment. Note: Not all classes are offered at every center.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance is not just an international sensation that is performed to entertain viewers. It also brings kids together to socialize and enjoy a similar interest - dancing.

Leapstart dance instructor teaches some exciting Bollywood dance moves that are fun for kids to learn. This activity also helps build their stamina while enjoying with their friends!

Yoga & Meditation

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is a good habit best practiced from childhood. Yoga is an old tradition of relieving stress and boosting self-confidence. It is essential to our kids since they are exposed to stressful activities such as rush hours, playing video games, pressure in school, and others.

We offer your kids a quiet and calming place for them to unwind while learning basic breathing patterns, asanas, and yoga stretches.


It may not be a necessity to learn the Spanish language but it's helpful for the personal growth of our kids. It's also a great help if they know more than the basic Spanish words to be able to appreciate the Spanish culture.

Our qualified instructors teach basic-to-advanced Spanish language skills that kids can develop easily during their one-hour session.


Your kids will learn basic-to-advanced Hindi speaking, writing, and reading skills through our Hindi classes that cover over a course of the year.

Hindi is the national language of India and is being spoken in some Indian homes in California. Having to learn different languages while still young is helpful for communication. Also, study shows that children who know other languages earn better scores on tests than those who don't.

English & Math Classes

All students from K-8th grade are offered with English and Math classes to improve their performance in school. It is also a preparation for their future endeavor in the University. Aside from that, it is important for kids to master these subjects because we use it every single day in our lives.

Leapstart teachers teach English and Math in a fun way in order for the kids to enjoy it and keep coming back with a positive attitude towards it.

Leapstart Arts & Crafts

Kids get to explore and immerse themselves in a world of creativity. We teach art, drawing, and interesting craft projects that keep them excited. We help boost your child's confidence by encouraging them to bring out their creative side.

Aside from yoga, doing arts and crafts also help children relax while expressing their feelings in a creative way.

Rendered Classes

These are paid classes that are taught by specialists. Prior enrollment is needed for these classes due to limited slots. Our mission is to offer parents the convenience of not having to drive their kids over to different schools to take their classes. Specialized instructors already come to Leapstart to provide a wide range of activities to keep every child engaged and get the most out of the hours they spend with us.

Performing Arts

Encourage your kids to get over their shyness and join the performing arts where they will get the chance to enact a play before the audience. This will help boost their confidence and lose their fear of public speaking. It is also an effective way to develop leadership skills. Over and above all that, we all know that kids are most happy dressing up in costumes and pretending to be the character that they have always dreamt of being!

With props, music, costumes, and stage decorations, kids get to explore their acting skills. Let’s bring out the actors and actresses within them paving the way for a STEAM major and making them realize that “A” for Arts is equally important for innovation.


Gymnastics Camp focuses on teaching techniques, proper progressions, reinforcing current skills, and building what each gymnast is currently working at home or in their previous classes. This is to promote physical health to children and prepare them for more intensive training when they want to pursue this sports in the future.

The activities are performed on mats, apparatus, and more in a safe environment. Students should wear appropriate sports clothes, bring snacks, and a water bottle. Fee includes a Ribbon award at the end of the camp.


Success Chess instructors come to Leapstart to offer classes under the same roof. Their program is tiered, which means every child has a chance to excel and compete within different levels.

Playing chess helps kids exercise their decision-making power and keep their brain active.


This class will be taught by a Basketball Coach with instructions that will cover beginner-to-intermediate level skills. To those who aren't aware yet, basketball is good preparation for kids who want to learn other sports like soccer or football. It also promotes discipline, camaraderie, and teamwork that they can carry on until the time they become professionals or entrepreneurs.

Lego Robotics

Instructors from Star Kids Academy bring their most up-to-date equipment to Leapstart to render age-appropriate classes. Building robots and solving problems help the kids keep motivated and confident. This helps in their overall development since we all know that self-esteem is essential in achieving our goals in life. Aside from that, they also exercise strategic and creative thinking skills.

Arts Classes

Children who love to paint and draw gets the chance to explore more about their skills and talents in our Art Classes. A skilled instructor will teach them how to do acrylic painting, sketching, and more.

Painting may be messy but it's a great avenue for kids to grow their brain. It balances how their brains work by activating the right side which is the creative part. The experimenting or mixing and matching of colors also make the activity more fun. Drawing does the same way and it also helps them write letters properly.

Read Reviews of Parents raving about Hot & Freshly made Indian Lunch

"LeapStart is a wonderful place for kids. Excellent energetic teachers with a great positive attitude. The place is cozy with a nice colorful kid-friendly setup. They serve very fresh delicious lunch and snacks served to all kids when they arrive from school. My daughter is a picky eater, and such warm homestyle food was very helpful to improve her appetite. Pick-up service after school with homework help is great and we liked many other year around fun activities organized by the team. Appreciate their flexible program and service."

- Ranjani Rao
"This is my son's first year at Leapstart and he likes it very much. They provide homemade food every day, open during most of the breaks including Staff learning, spring break, etc which is very convenient. They have very convenient hours of operation till 6:30 which is very helpful for working parents. Staff is really good and Chitra is reachable for all your concerns. They also offer extracurricular activities during After school."

- Bhavani Sathish