Enrichment Programs

Leapstart provides a variety of fun, unique enrichment classes for children to enjoy experiential education as part of its After School program. From art to science and more, our enriching programs support your child’s learning development, help develop new skills and build on talents. The instructors adapt curriculum to the specific age group and encourage collaboration and socialization during the class.
Below is a list of classes we offer that will enrich your child's time with us. Both Free (included in our After School program) and Paid classes are available.

Free Classes

We offer enrichment classes for After School Program participants that are included in the program fees. These classes fill fast and enrollment in these classes is on first come first basis. Enrollment is optional and parents can choose their child’s enrichment classes when they sign up at Leapstart. Note: Not all classes are offered at every center.


Young scientific minds are guided in this class to practice curiosity, critical thinking, tool building & problem solving in the real world. STEAM Kidz will be on an adventure throughout their school year engaging children in STEM activities and experiences. Among the projects they would be building are; wind turbine, balloon buggy, paper spinners, galaxy bowl, ninja robot, robotic arm, duct tape pencil pouch, and more.

Children are grouped by age and experience and are guided gently by their instructor to develop an interest in STEM and view themselves as particularly talented as they explore various themes.

Yoga & Meditation

Practicing yoga at a young age is good for the health of our children as it teaches them to be calm, patient and face day to day challenges with calm and collected approach. Yoga can also help improve their concentration and may lead to better grades in school. Yoga and Meditation comes from old indian tradition of practicing mindfulness about our bodies and mind and keeping them healthy. Yoga can also help keep our kids safe from stresses of everyday school.
We teach our kids simple but highly effective basic breathing patterns, poses, and stretches. Signup your children in this weekly class to start your child on a lifelong self development path of this ancient health practice.


Signup your child to learn some awesome new dance moves in our Dance class once a week! In this class, young dancers are guided to connect with their inner artist and express themselves thru this dance form. Our dance class not only helps children with coordination and physical strength but also brings kids together to socialize as they learn and practice in a group.
Our dance instructor keep the program highly structured, safe and motivating for your child at all times, with gentle and encouraging feedback along the way.

DIY Crafts

This weekly class stimulates creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, self-expression, imagination in children and is a great way to channel their creative mind and practice fine motor skills. Young artisans are guided in this class to work with their hands to make beautiful and useful things, using their imagination, creativity & manipulation of material form. Children learn and practice craft work & DIY projects with different shapes, colors, textures, tools & materials like leather, wood, clay, textiles, yarn, block, beads, paint, etc.
Our DIY Crafts class instructor keep the program age and experience appropriate, and motivating for your child at all times, encouraging greater craftsmanship with every session.

Spanish Language

Children have a natural ability to learn multiple languages. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the United States, with more than 35 million speakers across the country. However, more than just a Spanish class, this class is a fun way for kids to learn a little about the Spanish language and culture. This class covers basic conversation skills such as greetings, daily interactions, short conversations, numbers, phrases and other easy-to-learn topics.
Leapstart Teachers teach children Spanish with games, animations, conversations, music, and activities that are easy-to-use and fun for everyone!

Hindi Language

Hindi, is one of the most widely spoken languages in India. It's also spoken in many homes across bay area and is a great way to make new friends, learn about Indian culture and connect with family and friends in India. This weekly class covers common sentence constructions and simple grammar principles to get your child started, as well as how to understand, read and speak common words and sentences to help build your child's understanding of Hindi for day-to-day use.
Our language instructor keep the program experience appropriate, and motivating for your child at all times, encouraging greater familiarity with the language using various audio & visual means.

English & Math

English and Math are subjects for children which many generally don't really enjoy in school, but it's crucial that they learn it well to succeed in life. This class happens in addition to the daily homework help class or on days when children don't have any homework. Children are offered with English and Math workbooks to improve their performance in school. English work covers vocabulary, grammar, parts of Speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.), sentence structure, reading fluency & comprehension, writing, spelling and more. Math work covers grade appropriate problem solving, interactive challenges & games.
Leapstart teachers keep the class grade appropriate and interactive for the children to enjoy it, gain confidence and come back with a positive attitude towards the subjects

Paid Classes

These are paid classes that are taught by outside vendors at Leapstart. Prior enrollment is needed for these classes due to limited slots. Our mission is to offer parents the convenience of not having to drive their kids over to different schools to take their classes. Specialized instructors come to Leapstart to provide a wide range of activities to keep every child engaged and get the most out of the hours they spend with us.

Arts Classes

Children who love to paint and draw gets the chance to explore more about their skills and talents in our Art Classes. Young artists are guided in our camp to gain insight into various art forms, tools & materials to produce their individual masterpieces. Your child will learn about techniques such as sketching, printing, drawing, painting etc. as well as be exposed to various media typically associated with the arts like chalk on paper, colored pencils, photo painted illustrations and more.
The instructors group the children by age and experience and gently nudge them to expand their comfort zone. The class also covers anime & manga artwork basics for drawing gestures, faces, expressions and actions and more.


Young basketball players are guided in this class by a coach to improve their fine motor skills such as eye hand coordination, build psychological strength and focus, practice coordination and team-building, and gain confidence in their basketball skills. Your child will be mastering the finer points of shooting while working on other skills like passing, dribbling, and catching as well. It's a great way to incorporate physical activity into your child's daily routine while getting an introduction to basketball outside of the home.
Our coach will group children based on age and experience. Through fun games, friendly competition, and social interaction, this class empowers your child to develop an awareness of competition, self-confidence, teamwork, and respect for others.


Chess is a great activity for kids because it helps your child develop logical thinking, abstract reasoning skills, quick judgment, decision-making and attention—and it's fun! Young players are taught in this class various aspects of playing the game such as value of chess pieces, opening study, tactics puzzles, famous positions, pawn promotion, holes and pins, checkmate patterns, end games, tactical awareness, and so much more.
Kids are grouped into levels based on their age and experience. Each level has different activities that help practice certain skills, such as moving your pieces around or using techniques to capture enemies' pieces.

Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics is engaging, practical, fun and easy to learn. This robotics class is a great way for kids to build robots in a fun and collaborative environment while learning core mathematical skills and getting a practical introduction to robotics and engineering. This class will teach your child to create simple robots with plastic and other materials, and more complex robots with gears, belts, and other parts.
Our instructors group the children by age and experience and gently guide them to gain mastery over building robots thru multiple projects of increasing complexity. This could be a great class to increase their interest and confidence level in engineering and technology.

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4.9 31 reviews

  • Avatar Mayuri Bhise ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    My daughter has been going to Leapstart for last 2 years and loves this place. The teachers and the staff are amazing. Many festivals/events are celebrated here. They provide good quality … More hot lunches and also help the students with their homework. Kids get picked up from school always on time and have automated check-in messages sent to you. They maintain very good cleanliness and hygiene. My daughter also loved the summer program, they had lot of enriching and fun activities. I highly recommend this after school.
  • Avatar Ruchika Pandey ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    We are sending our daughter to Bubb center. She liked the center from day one. Facility is nice and clean. They also provide home made food to kids. My daughter was a picky eater but to my … More surprise, she liked the food and started trying new things as well. Chitra and her staff are really nice and friendly. They also provides classes for Arts at the center, which my daughter likes very much. Also, their pick up service from the school is really good, they sent messages to both the parents as soon as kids are picked up from the school. Overall we are really happy that we opted for Leapstart.
  • Avatar Neal Tambe ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    We have been sending our daughter here since we moved last year. The bottom line is that she has loved the experience and the activities. They provide homework help, home-cooked food, activities … More including dance, other languages, and art. After a whole day of school and hours at leapstart, sometimes I still get "Daddy why did you pick me up so early".
    Also has: Pickup/drop off from local elementary schools. Home cooked snacks and food. Festive activities year round. Chitra, the owner, is very responsive, approachable, and willing to work with my family.