20-21 Online Program

Children are facing a new world in learning, socializing and being physically active. Our 2 Hour Daily Online Program helps your child with homework and be in a positive environment to learn, socialize and play with other children of similar age in small group setting, that also includes physical exercises like Zumba.

20-21 Onsite Program

Our goal at Leapstart is to make life easier for parents to have work-parenting balance while adding so much more to your child’s day. Our On-site program offers 3 choices of 8am-6pm, 8am-2pm or 2pm-6pm sessions; Morning time focus is on school session assistance, & afternoon time focus is on homework help & Enrichment.

Award Winning for a reason

2020-21 Virtual School year brings with it challenges of adjusting to Online School Sessions, Social Isolation and Lack of physical activity for children. Working Parents are further burdened with additional responsibilities of having children at home during their entire work day. Leapstart is offering On-site, Online and a weekend program to help address these concerns.
You would appreciate the careful attention we have paid to the mental and physical well being of your child in designing our programs. We are aiming to be Partner of Choice for working parents looking to navigate Virtual School Year.

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On-Site, Online and Weekend Programs

For 20-21 Virtual School Year, Leapstart's On-Site program gives parents a choice to send their child for either Full Day 8am-6pm program, Morning 8am-2pm program, or Afternoon 2pm - 6pm program.
Leapstart's Online Program is a weekday Afternoon 2 hr program and parents can optionally drop off their child, on Fridays only, at a designated spot for Outdoor activities like hiking or soccer.
Finally, Leapstart is also offering a 2 hrs. weekend only program for parents who are concerned about their children's lack of physical activity and social isolation due to Virtual Schooling.

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Physical Activity and Social interactions during Virtual School Year

2020-21 Virtual School year brings with it challenges of social isolation and lack of physical activity for children and we do hear from many parents that it is something they deeply worry about. Leapstart is offering three (3) ways for children to stay socially and physically active with other children in their age group.
Our onsite programs ofcourse eliminate this concern fully for parents who are sending their children to our center. For parents of stay at home children, we are offering two other programs that include plenty of physical activity and social interactions: A daily 2 hr online program and a weekend only 2 hr drop off program for Outdoor activities.

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Read 2020 reviews of Parents raving about Leapstart!

"Love how these set of teachers are handling and teaching kids to social distance and enjoy. Chitra, Tony and Ritu make learning n playing a joy. Be it spanish, art or worksheets kids develop an interest and don’t just do it because they are told. Food is exceptional. I wish u guys the best. Would surely recommend this place to my friends. Chitra’s guidelines are very clear and upto C.D.C. standards and I like how she send them out before the camp started so I could prep and know what was in plan. My kid is happy and feels normal after months."

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
- Siddhesh Dindorkar July 2020
"My daughter had attended LeapStart for after school care and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I begun putting her in the summer camps they offer. They do a lot of different activities and she always seems very happy. She also loves their food :-) Chitra runs a professional business and always keeps me up-to-date. During these very difficult times with COVID-19, I feel comfortable allowing my child to attend summer camp. Chitra has a lot of safety protocols in place that I feel are adequate.”

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
- Ashley Valencia July 2020