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Seats are limited due to social distancing measures in place.


Your Safety concerns addressed

Leapstart has taken extensive measures to keep children, parents and staff safe as we reopen our facilities one by one. Parents who have experienced our service during the summer camp time have expressed great satisfaction with our preparedness and have graciously given us great reviews.
In light of the recent social distancing measures, we have reduced our capacity by more than half at our centers to meet the required safety mandate. Your child shall be assigned to a small group of children with a staff member devoted to taking care of that small group exclusively
Leapstart has taken several measures to keep its facilities and procedures meet CDC and other city, state and federal organizations safety requirements. Pl. click on the following document to read about them in detail.
*** Click here for Complete Safety Guidelines ***

On-Site Programs

2020-21 Virtual School year brings with it challenges of adjusting to Online School Sessions, Social Isolation and Lack of physical activity for children. Working Parents with children are also burdened with responsibilities during their work hours that school and after school services like Leapstart used to completely take care of earlier. Leapstart is offering On-site program to help parents fully address these concerns.
For Leapstart's On-Site program, parents can choose to send their child for either Full Day 8am-6pm program, Morning 8am-2pm program, or Afternoon 2pm - 6pm program. Morning 8am-2pm time involves assisting children with their Virtual School Session, provide them lunch and snacks, some stretching activities, & supervising their homework. Afternoon 2pm-6pm time involves homework help or academic progress, enrichment activities, and Friday Outdoor activities like hiking or soccer.

Online Program

2020-21 School year is very challenging for TK-5 grade children as they adjust to distance learning and for parents too as they try to balance work-parenting, being at home with children all the time. Parents who feel they can sit with their children and help them manage morning virtual school sessions have an option to choose Leapstart's Afternoon Online program that offers a great combination of homework and academic work supervision and social and physical activity with other children in their age group.
Leapstart's Online Program is a weekday Afternoon 2 hr program and parents can optionally drop off their child, on Fridays only, at a designated spot for Outdoor activities like hiking or soccer. Our daily 2 hrs online program includes online Zumba workouts, Dance lessons to help students enjoy some physical activity in company of other children online, apart from supervising their homework and academic progress.

Weekend Program

2020-21 Virtual School year brings with it challenges of social isolation and lack of physical activity for children and we do hear from many parents that it is something they deeply worry about, even when they feel they can be constantly available to attend to all needs to the child throughout Virtual School weekdays. Leapstart is offering a 2 hrs. weekend only program for parents who are concerned about their children's lack of physical activity and social interactions due to Virtual Schooling. Parents can drop off their child at a designated spot for Outdoor Activities in a small group with social distancing in place, under the supervision of our staff, for 2 hrs on Saturdays, either in morning or afternoon.
Leapstart aims to be a Partner of Choice for Parents to navigate the Virtual School year and we feel our programs add tremendous value to mental well being of children and allows parents to take a small step back to normalcy for their dearly loved ones.

Read 2020 reviews of Parents raving about Leapstart!

"My son started summer camp at Leapstart this week and we are really happy about the experience here so far. Especially during COVID situation we were extremely worried to send him to any in-person Afterschool programs but we also wanted to give some social exposure to him. Leapstart is practicing sanitization, limiting the number of kids and very much focusing on hygiene. The program is well structured covering all aspects of activities including art, acads, spanish/hindi classes, yoga, safe outdoor activities and hot lunch program that Ms. Chitra personally cooks. The staff is very caring, respectful and understanding. My son is already looking forward to attending upcoming weeks and enjoying thoroughly. I highly recommend this place for parents."

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
- Siddhi Tadpatrikar July 2020
"My son has been going to Leapstart aftercare for a year now and loves it. So, he was super excited to join the summer camp. I was a little apprehensive given the covid situation, but Leapstart follows all the guidelines with temperature checks at entrance, only kids and staff allowed inside, staggered entry-exit-bathroom breaks, sanitizing, making sure kids wash hands frequently. My son already knows and loves the teachers Ms. Ritu, Mr. Tony and director Ms. Chitra who keep kids engaged with fun activities while teaching them art, reading, writing, math, Spanish, hindi, yoga and music to name a few. They also have fun outdoor activities that kids love while maintaining covid guidelines and safety. Ms. Chitra's home cooked vegetarian lunch is a big hit with kids and one less thing for parents to worry about. Overall it has been a great experience and we are looking forward to going to the summer camp for the rest of the summer."

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
- ketaki bhawe July 2020