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Leapstart's Award Winning After School program provides a combination of academic and enrichment programs for kids 4-14 years old. It is a place where kids take a break from their usual classroom routine and enjoy playing, learning and relaxing.
As part of our program, we offer hot, freshly cooked meals for lunch, homework help, and evening snacks before the kids leave. Children who are able to finish homework in time, are also provided with opportunities to engage in free optional classes such as Hindi or Spanish Language, Bollywood Dance, and Yoga.
We feel the importance to create an environment where children can experience fun and friendly learning. The last thing a child wants after a busy day at school is to head straight into another classroom! This is why we provide children the structure they need, a friendly and warm atmosphere with our trained team, and healthy meals and snacks to help them maintain a healthy mind and body.

Pickup from School

Parents love the idea of us picking up their kids after school because we do it personally. We don't outsource our pickup services and this actually saves parents extra pickup charges. Our own staff picks up the children in almost all schools in the Cupertino Area.

Safety and Convenience

We help working families to feel comfortable at work through our pickup services mentioned above. We like to make sure that the children are safe from the moment their school finishes until parents pick them up after work.
Our After School program starts at 1:00 p.m. every weekday and we close late at 6:30PM. Parents love that extra half hour of convenience we provide over other After Schools because of the extra time they get to navigate traffic safely in the evening.
In light of the recent social distancing measures, we have decided to reduce capacity in our centers over and beyond the required state mandate. Your child shall be assigned to a small group of children with a staff member devoted to taking care of that small group exclusively.

More Enrichment Services

Aside from the abovementioned enrichment classes which are included in the Afterschool Program fee, we also offer other specialized activities facilitated by trained professionals and instructors. This includes Performing Arts, Gymnastics, Chess, Basketball, and Lego Robotics. These classes are taken by our vendor partners and charged separately.
Parents love that they don't have to ferry their children to separate locations after work and their children get to experience and discover their talents right at Leapstart during After School hours.
Please check them out here for more information

Leapstart Community

We have built a community with strong relationships among the owner, team, parents, and their children. There are yearly gatherings during cultural events such as the Diwali and Holi Party. These two annual events are huge fun and parents and children rave about it. We like to be an instrument in instilling cultural education to our children by introducing them to important events like these.
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The After School program is priced monthly. Please call +1 408-504-6970 for more information.

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Read reviews of Parents raving about Prompt and Timely Pick-ups!

"Both my kids go to Leapstart AfterSchool . They really like going here and I personally like it too specially the 6:30 PM pick up time ,hot lunch options and the extra classes offered .Also very good in communicating any important information, all the pickups are in time and are open pretty much the whole day on some holidays.
I would definitely suggest this place for working parents."

- Sirisha Nalluri
"Leapstart is a good place for children. All the teachers are good and patient with the kids. They make sure kids are picked up from school on time. They have lots of after school activities which all the kids enjoy."

- Suparna Verma