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Leapstart After School program has been an award winning program for five years in a row in Cupertino. Much of this success stems from our commitment to our local community of parents and families and highest standards of service. During a very difficult 2020 school year, we opened our facilities in July 2020 and our staff demonstrated leadership in safety practices to successfully deliver services to our local parents & their children throughout the school year. Parents tell us that their experience has made us more reliable than ever before. No doubt, we are 1st choice for local families. Click below to read about our safety practices and see our program schedule at each of our centers.
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Parents trust us with picking up their kids from school because our pickup services are not outsourced to cab companies and our staff does all the pickups. This makes our pickup services more reliable and trustworthy for parents. Further, we bring kids directly to our centers as soon as we pick them up and don't make additional school rounds to fill our vans. Parents get a text notification as soon as their child is picked from the school. Leapstart has been providing pick up services from all CUSD schools since 2013. See list of schools here.


Parents know that a hot freshly prepared nutritious meal is the best way to serve their children and raise their spirits after a long day at school. Another reason parents can't stop raving about Leapstart's After School Program is that their children get to enjoy delicious meals prepared by Leapstart Staff everyday, and served fresh to children, shortly after they are back from school. The menu for the month is decided in advance and shared with parents. Snacks are also provided in the evening before pickup.


Most parents tell us that they want their kids to finish their homework by the time they pick them up so they could take them to other classes and spend quality time with them. At Leapstart, our staff pays attention to your child's homework and academic needs everyday. Each week Monday to Thursday, children spend one hour attending to their homework and/or academic progress. Our staff ensures their homework is complete and we check the same and guide them where they need our help.


While unstructured play time and breaks are very important for young children, many parents agree that a structured routine helps their children channel their energies in a more meaningful way. To that effect, Leapstart engages children in a variety of enrichment classes throughout the week, that run from Monday to Friday. These classes cover beginner to advanced level skills and are included in our program fee. Enrollment is at parent's discretion and optional.

In addition to the free classes, we also offer few paid programs like Chess, Lego Robotics, Basketball & Arts classes, so you don't have to drive your kids to separate places. The paid classes are vendor rendered and they come to our centers to take the classes you enroll your kids in.

The school of life curriculum

Parents today want to instill in their children the importance of interpersonal skills, money skills, healthy habits, and ability to communicate effectively. However, these are no easy tasks. Often, these are ignored during early years by parents themselves, when the opportunity to shape children's minds is at its peak. Formal schools too don't yet have a teaching system in place inclusive of these critical life skills.
Leapstart after school program fills in this vital gap by gently and playfully engaging children in a group setting everyday for 15-20 minutes where they could understand and appreciate the value of these skills and feel empowered and confident. The curriculum we have developed is conscious of the fact that by mimicking what children see everyday, they internalize the lessons taught. Through various activities and game play, children gain insight to differentiate between desired and non desired behaviors and are gently nudged to practice desired skills and behaviors that set them up for a successful life.

Using various activities and game play, children are taught the value of sharing, cooperating, listening, appreciating, gratitude, responsibility, respecting space, using manners, empathy, patience, leadership, ethics, honesty, positive attitude, handling criticism, humor, smile and more to relate better with others and strengthen friendships.

Using various activities and game play in age appropriate setting, children are taught the value of delayed gratification, helping others/ generosity, time management & reliability, Thrift and trade offs, gratitude, and more. Children are also taught to recognize money denominations, count money correctly, collect correct change, and more!

Using various activities and game play in age appropriate setting, children are taught the value of personal hygiene (teeth, nails, hair, clean clothing, hand washing), choosing fresh veggies & fruits over sweets and salty snacks, being physically active over too much screen time, choosing water & low fat diary over sodas & sugary drinks, and more!

Using various activities and game play in age appropriate setting, children are taught the value of eye contact, listening attentively, keeping respectful voice and tone, importance of open mind and a kind heart, patience and clarity of thought, choosing the right words, articulating expectations clearly, and more to communicate effectively.

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10650 Bubb Road, Cupertino

4.9 32 reviews

  • Avatar Mayuri Bhise ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    My daughter has been going to Leapstart for last 2 years and loves this place. The teachers and the staff are amazing. Many festivals/events are celebrated here. They provide good quality … More hot lunches and also help the students with their homework. Kids get picked up from school always on time and have automated check-in messages sent to you. They maintain very good cleanliness and hygiene. My daughter also loved the summer program, they had lot of enriching and fun activities. I highly recommend this after school.
  • Avatar Ruchika Pandey ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    We are sending our daughter to Bubb center. She liked the center from day one. Facility is nice and clean. They also provide home made food to kids. My daughter was a picky eater but to my … More surprise, she liked the food and started trying new things as well. Chitra and her staff are really nice and friendly. They also provides classes for Arts at the center, which my daughter likes very much. Also, their pick up service from the school is really good, they sent messages to both the parents as soon as kids are picked up from the school. Overall we are really happy that we opted for Leapstart.
  • Avatar Neal Tambe ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We have been sending our daughter here since we moved last year. The bottom line is that she has loved the experience and the activities. They provide homework help, home-cooked food, activities … More including dance, other languages, and art. After a whole day of school and hours at leapstart, sometimes I still get "Daddy why did you pick me up so early".
    Also has: Pickup/drop off from local elementary schools. Home cooked snacks and food. Festive activities year round. Chitra, the owner, is very responsive, approachable, and willing to work with my family.