Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for learning @ Leapstart After School revolves around a simple yet powerful concept related to personal development described in the short poem below:

Look for strengths in your children,IMG_2364

for strengths will help them shine

help them discover their talents,

and built lives along these lines

For when life demands of them to work hard,

they could find joy in that

And isn’t their joy that one thing,

that makes you, as a parent, glad?

How do you do it? We suggest, let your children explore various learning activities so they could come back and tell you what they are enjoying. Look for areas where you see them building confidence and strength. Invest more in those areas so they could grow stronger in their areas of interest rather than investing in helping them catch up with others who may be good at other things that your children do not enjoy.

At Leapstart After School, we strive to infuse in all children those skills that will improve their work in school, enhance their creativity and which will help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

During the school year, we provide after school day care to children aged 4-14, as well as a diverse range of enrichment programs in English with a focus on building Oratory and Writing skills besides covering the Language, Math with a focus on building amazing Mental Math capabilities besides the grade wise subject revision, Hindi, Chess, Game Design, Arts, Lego Engineering and Lego Robotics and more  in a safe and friendly setting.

The Enrichment programs introduces pathways for children to future careers in

Performing Arts: Through classes and programs centered on theater, improv, Arts and dance. And they aren’t just fun; they’re active and dynamic ways for children to gain self-confidence in various Art forms and learn to work with others in groups.

Media: Mastery over Language Arts improves their confidence to get involved in Media related programs later in their student life.

Technology: Kids can be surprisingly adept with technology, but they still need a guide to help them be good at it, to the point where they are able to build and showcase their technological abilities.

If you would like to consider us be a part of your child’s education as they learn and grow, you can contact us at 408 504 6970. Pl. ask for Chitra.