• Leapstart After School

Enrichment Program


At Leapstart we offer a variety of classes to all age groups of kids.

Enrichment Classes run from September-May during after school times.


Leapstart Classes

These classes are free and will be included as part of your monthly fee. Enrollment for these classes is based on space availability. Please talk to the staff to indicate your preference for enrollment.

Bollywood Dance

Leapstart teachers will cover some exciting dance moves, make it fun for kids to learn and build stamina, while having fun with friends!

Yoga & Meditation

We offer kids a quiet and calming place for them to unwind while learning basic breathing patterns, asanas and yoga stretches.


Our qualified instructors offer basic-to-advanced Spanish language skills that kids can develop easily during one hour session.


Our Hindi program teaches basic-to-advanced speaking, writing and reading skills over a course of the year.

Homework Help

All students from K-9th grade are offered assistance with their daily homework from our trained and qualified staff.

Leapstart Art & Crafts

Kids get to explore and immerse themselves in a world of creativity. We offer art, drawing and interesting craft project that keeps them excited.

Paid Classes

These are paid classes that are taught by specialists. Prior enrollment is needed for these classes and have limited space. We offer the convenience of never having to drive your kids over to different facilities. Specialized instructors come to Leapstart to offer a wide range of activities to keep every child engaged and for them to get the most out of the hours they spend at Leapstart After School.


This class will be taught by a Basketball Coach with instructions that will cover beginner-to-intermediate level skills.



Success Chess instructors come to Leapstart to offer classes under the same roof. Their program is tiered which means every child has a chance to excel and compete within different levels.

Specialised Art

Students get to work with a variety of mediums such as watercolor, drawing, painting, tie-dye, oil pastels and much more.


Instructors from Start Kids Academy bring all the equipment to Leapstart for age-appropriate classes.

Bollywood Fitness 4 All

Adults and kids can enroll in our fitness classes that offer a fun and exciting way to stay fit! Bring your friend and join a class or drop-in for any Saturday session!